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This facility allows students and parents (or sponsor) to make a payment towards student invoices, including tuition fees, accommodation fees and any other invoice to be paid by the student or their sponsor. In addition students may also view unpaid or unmatched transactions on their account at the University as well as any payments made via this facility.

Please note, due to the financial year end, payments you make through web payments may not reflect on your online statement but the payment will be taken and you will be sent the CPG confirmation number. This is only temporary and your statements will be updated by Thursday 11th August.

Your User ID for web payments is your Student ID (University Card Number) or Customer ID.

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Any queries about this site or payments made online should be sent to: email webpayments@lancaster.ac.uk
Any queries about your account or due dates should be sent to: email creditcontrol@lancaster.ac.uk
Telephone: 01524 592050 / 592051 / 594915
Please quote your Student ID number with all correspondence

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